VF2429G2 Needle 4 Thread Flat Bed Interlock Stitch Machine for Attaching Lace, with Right Hand Fabric Trimmer and Stepping Motor Driven Metering Device. Soft seam performed by “Active Thread Control” eliminates tunnel seam, which makes appearance of garment worse and could cause skin trouble. In lace attaching operation, “Tunnel seam” occurs very frequently. Such finish gives bad effect in appearance of finished garments. Besides, the seam might cause skin trouble as the portion of garment usually fits consumers’ body directly.

“Active Thread Control System (PAT. P)” introduced on this machine gives tension & release to each sewing thread when it is necessary. So that, soft, elastic and tunnel free finish is available for more comfort-to-wear garments.


Stepping motor driven metering device with multi programmable tension control gives lace and elastic tape accurate tension for neat finish. 26 X 20 different tensions are programmable to meet various styles and sizes of garments.


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