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AZ8600SD-82 Needle 5 Thread safety Stitch Overlock Machine for heavy weight fabrics like Denim. AZ8600SD-8 class are Speed & Dry Finish High Speed overlock machines, High Quality: Stain-Free finish and Neatly tightened durable seam. Higher productivity and Less downtime caused by defects ensures high Customer satisfaction. Longer Life of Machine! Less "hidden loss " caused by stain.Sub-Model: AZ8620SD-8: 3 needle/6 Thread,

AZ8600 AZ8600
  • AZ8600SD achieves…
  • Dry – Upgraded “Non stain” technology for stain free finish
  • Higher Durability for lowering your investment cost for equipments in a long run


  • “Speed + Dry finish” achieved by…
  • High-tech Parts for Minimized Friction
  • Minimal Lubrication
  • Special Sealing Technology
  • Forced Circulation System


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