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AZ8600SD-82 Needle 5 Thread safety Stitch Overlock Machine for heavy weight fabrics like Denim. AZ8600SD-8 class are Speed & Dry Finish High Speed overlock machines, High Quality: Stain-Free finish and Neatly tightened durable seam. Higher productivity and Less downtime caused by defects ensures high Customer satisfaction. Longer Life of Machine! Less "hidden loss " caused by stain.Sub-Model: AZ8620SD-8: 3 needle/6 Thread,

AZ8600 AZ8600
  • AZ8600SD achieves…
  • Dry – Upgraded “Non stain” technology for stain free finish
  • Higher Durability for lowering your investment cost for equipments in a long run


  • “Speed + Dry finish” achieved by…
  • High-tech Parts for Minimized Friction
  • Minimal Lubrication
  • Special Sealing Technology
  • Forced Circulation System


Automatic Thread Chain Cutter (Horizontal Type)

Controlled by the compressor air, it sucks the thread chain and cuts them and collects the dust. The package saves your time, and gives you a clean working environment. This horizontal type thread chain cutter is usually fitted with safety stitch machines and interlock machines. To collect dusts, a separate venturi device is required.


MT22 - Solenoid Type Tape Cutter

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