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VC3845PMulti Needle Machine with Puller and Left knife trimming mechanism for attaching Elastic Tape. These cylinder bed shape multi needle machines ansure with speed and accurancy firm and beautiful attaching of aleastic tape to Sportswear etc. Yamato's original Left hand knife cuts the left side edge of folded material cloth while sewing. Therefore serging operation is eliminated and beautiful finish with uniform edge of of material is ensured. This machine sews and attaches preclosed elastic in one operation to the waist of sportwear und underpants, Bermuda Shorts, sweat pants, jogging trousers etc. At the finish of sewing, all the treads are trimmed by heeling down the pedal and then air wiper works.


Easy Handling: By only setting elastic on the supplementary roller and setting body material then putting the hands lightly, uniform and beautiful sewing can be obtained.
There are many different gauges and styles available !



Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller


UT-A50  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

UT-A60 Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer with Air-Operation Tension Roller system (AR10)


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