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CM364Yamato Blindstitch machines strongly supports with its stable seam, fine quality finish and high versatility with easy adjustment. CM364: 1 Needle 1 Thread Blindstitch Machine, with Differential Feed. This model is equipped with differential feed to suitable for felling bell-bottom skirts. Automatic stitch fastening device makes secure knot at the end of seam and prevent the seam from unraveling from end. Differential Ratio is adjustable up to 1:1,5 - Applicable for felling operation of bell-bottom skirts etc. Thread Pull-off-device ensures relaxed stitch formation and neat finish regardless sewing speed.

  • AT/TS3: New automatic stitch fastening and thraed trimming device. Not only automatic cut, also makes a knot and prevents raveling from end of seam.
  • TF: Automatic Thread tension device when thread trimming
  • TP: Thread Pull-off device


CM364 CM364


CM364 CM364



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