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AZF8420 RS25

AZF8400Small Cylinder to Perform Smoothly Sewing. This unique and complete cylinder bed allows smoothly and easier sewing even for tubular operation of small diameter such as attaching sleeves and hemming cults of the garments. And also it allows smoothly running of the material after sewing. The circumference of this cylinder bed is just only 6 inches (151.5 mm) Sewing Speed up to 8,000 s.p.m. The machine has not only unique designed cylinder bed but also super high speed sewing capability for higher production. It's maximum sewing speed is 8.000 s.p.m.* (Depending on the material and sub-model) Optional cloth plate is available for sewing open fabric etc. The main advantage is that top feeder is designed to draw complete ellipse just as botom feeder does -with unique direct drive mechanism. So no scratch by feed dog will be found on any thin and delicate material.


AZF8400 - series : Same Specification like AZ8400, AZF8400 Machines are equipped with variable top feeders
  • Available Models:
  • AZF8403: Single needle Top Feed overlock machine for general tubular operation.
  • AZF8420: 2 needle Top Feed overlock machine for general tubular operation.
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