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VGS3721Yamato NEW VGS Series will release your headache on troubles possibly occur in your Sewing Factory.The best & must partners for those who are manufacturing well-engineered garments at "masterpiece" quality. For evolving manufacturers dealing with wide variety of items and styles in order to keep up with Fast fashion. VGS3721 is Left Knife hemming machine with variable top feeder. Top-Feed Mechanism. Top Feed Dog always bring top ply of fabric closer to needle drop point at any feed amount. This is because the movement of Yamato Top Feed Dog is rear pivot. Also, Top Feed Dog and Feed Dog Adopter is set at flat faces for easier height adjustment according to thickness of fabric. Top Feed Dog eliminates sewing slippage, twisting and distortion of any kinds of fabric for beautiful finish.

VGS3721 VGS3721  

  • Equipped with fabric trimmer to trim folded edge of hem for uniform finish Downsized trimmer and be newly designed sewing parts ensure smooth operation and stitch-on-stitch overlapping. Also, trimming margin can be held down and waset of material is minimized.
  • Active Thead Control: Help you getting yourself ready for various garment styles, including rapidly glowing demands for various garments with microfiber, with minimum downtime. "Tunnel-free" flat finish with Active thread control "


  • Non-Stain-Technology: While giving enough lubrification for the internal driving mechanism, Yamato exclusive sealing system prevents the oil from coming to the sewing area through moving parts. This feature minimizes the risk of oil stain, one of the most frequent causes of defects.


  • Left Hand Fabric Trim Mechanism Movement of fabric trimmer can be cancelled easily when trimming is not necessary. No re-adjustment is required for the next usage. Also, whole trimming mechanism is removable. The machine can be converted into normal cylinder bed machine by exchanging covers and sewing parts.
  • Micro Adjuster of Left Hand Knife Trimming position is easily adjustable while keeping engagement of knifes and is also applicable for different hemming styles with little downtime.

VGS3721 VGS3721

VGS3721 VGS3721


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