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FD62SD4 Needle 6 Thread Feed-off-the-Arm Flatseamer with SD-Technology. Yamato FD-62SD-8 has advanced features to add further value on your garments, such as high-profile intimate wear, athletic and leisure wear. SD Technology: Sewing area and internal mechanism have been completely separated. In addition to completely sealed sewing head, which minimizes risk of stain from top, oil shield has been introduced on feed bar to avoid oil spot from the bottom. The parts to contact fabric are oil-free for stain-free finish, while internal mechanism have been efficiently lubricated for high durability and smooth run. The new design contributes to shortening the set-up time when sewing conditions change, thus reducing losses in small-lot, high-mix production and improving product quality and added value.


  • SD Technology:
  • High-tech metal surface treatment for less friction have been introduced to each moving parts in and around sewing head area and minimize necessity of lubrication.
  • Lubrication by minimal oil with sealed structure to avoid oil leakage from sewing cylinder area.



F D - 6 2 S D - 0 7 M S

4 Needle Both Cut Flat Seamer. Features: Equipped with Spreader and Both-Cutter.Applications: Especially for light weight material. Advantages: Smoothly sewing lighter fabric with using New Lap Former and pitch of Feed Dogs is coarse. Optimal Overlap for both top and bottom even in case of joining different type of fabric. "Pucker-Free" Finish for long distance seaming of fabric


F D - 6 2 S D - 0 1 M R / M S
F D - 6 2 S D - 0 2 M R / M S

4 Needle Flat Seamer. Features: Equipped with Spreader. Cut one side fabric edge. Advantages:Closing sleeves of T-shuts or the like Crotch seam on brief, shirts, and medium weight fabrics. standard: cut left side fabric edge. option:cut right side fabric edge.


F D - 6 2 S D - 0 3 M R / M S

4 Needle Flat Seamer For Inserting Tape.Features: Without spreader. Cut one side fabric edge.Advantages: Attaching tape on front opening of brief, under long pants etc..Finish width of tape: 10mm


F D - 6 2 S D - 1 2 M R / M S
F D - 6 2 S D - 1 2 H R / H S

4 Needle Both Cut Flat Seamer.New developed mechanism and new designed sewing parts enable this machine to make positive feeding to make smooth operation even on different thick portion. 2 different type is available according to material to be sewn FD-62-12MR / MS:For light weight - medium weight material such as shoulder joining of t-shirts etc.FD-62-12HR / HS: For medium heavy weight - heavy weight material such as crotch seam of men's briefs etc.



Specification of needle distance: MR / HR: 5.2 mm MS / HS: 6.0 mm

FD-62SD  FD-62SD

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WDA for -07 Automatic Pneumatic Scissor-type Thread Chain Cutter controlled by Photocell


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