VT15133 Needle 5 Thread Feed-up-the-arm Interlock Stitch machine. This model is equipped with all kinds of fabric guides for covering, hemming and joining freely. “High-lift” presser foot and differential feed mechanism (equipped as standard) enables your further flexibility from fleece to pantyhose. Besides, “Non-Stain” technology is introduced for minimized risk for oil stain. This machine is economy type of VT2513 class, without thread trimmers. For all features pls see model class VT2513

Valuable choice for heavy-weight materials- High-lift needle bar mechanism and ideal stitch formation enable smooth feeding for wide range of materials, without having stuck by cross seam with single jersey.
Easy Handling- With free handling space around the needle drop area, you can easily handle small circulars like cuff, ankle, neckline, and sharp curbs for jointing shoulder with neck.


Vibration-Free Driving Mechanism Eliminates Operator’s Fatigue- Yamato unique vibration-free driving mechanism helps reducing operator’s fatigue for stable productivity and quality.


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