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VF2400-8/VF2500-8 Super High Speed 2/3 Needle Flatbed Interlockstitch Machine for General Seaming- with Active thread Control. This is a flatbed machine for general interlock seaming operations and tape attaching (special parts required). Subclasses of this models are for hemming, covering and binding operations etc. Equipped with adjustable differential feed by pushbutton stitch length regulator. VF 2400 ... general seaming - VF 2403 ... for binding . VF2400 2 needle - VF2500 3 needle machines. Yamato's "Made in Japan" VF series, which keep contributing to global garment industry with its sewing performance, enable you to have more stable & high product quality and highly efficient production.VF series adopt new technology! Presenting you highly efficient production.


YAMATO "Non - stain" technology minimizes oil stains on your products! Special seal, which prevents oil from leaking at needle bar area, is used to avoid oil stains on materials. Saving - "Non - stain" increases productivity "Non - stain" finish minimizes your loss, such as downtime and extra cost caused by spot removing operation. Good performance and long life - durable machines Yamato "Non - stain" technology will not sacrifice performance and durability of machines, but keep the machine running smoothly at high speed for long life.


VF2403-8/VF2503-8 Super High Speed 2/3 Needle Flatbed Interlockstitch Machine for binding operations - with Active thread Control. This model is subclass of VF2400-8 series.



VF2403 VF2403



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