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VE2740PR VE2740

VE2740PR-8High Speed Extra Small 2/3-needle Cylinderarm Machine for hemming and top stitching on elastic tape pre-attached by overedger , fitted with puller and air-opeated automatic under-and top-thread trimmer. YAMATO VE series machine is designed to ensure easier material handling for small tubuler operation. This model fined with puller is suitable for hemming and top stitching as second operation on the elastic pre-attached by overlock machine at the waist of men's brief and leg opening of swimwear and so on. The machine has differential feeding mechanism and under thread trimmer in extra small cylinder. *Circumference of cylinder: 239 mm (Including puller)

Active Thread Control :
Active Thread Control supports wide variety of seams from soft and elastic seams to tight seams.

VE2740 VE2740

NEW FEED DRIVING mechanism, which condense stitch can be obtained as optional, and NEW NEEDLE GUARD which is separetely from looper holder and adjustable vertical position or angle, are new ideas. And also, the top surface of stitch plateautomatically at the end of sewing by 'UT-A' under thread trimmer therefore it contributes higher productivity in addition to it.
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Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller


UT-A34F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer


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