VE2700-82/3 Needle Extra small cylinderarm interlockstitch machine with differential feed for hemming and covering operations. The VE series, machine is designed for sewing small tubler materials mainly such as cuffs of sweat shirts or children's clothes, etc. VE-Series machine has both main and differential feed dogs in the extra small cylinder (circumference: 180mm) for feeding fabric securely. In addition top surface of stitch plate is flat; because fabric has to be set stably for beautiful seam. These main and differential feed driving and needle guard mechanisms are new ideas.

VE 2711 ... for hemming operation VE 2713 ... for covering operation VE2740PR... for hemming, with Puller




Active Thread Control :
Active Thread Control supports wide variety of seams from soft and elastic seams to tight seams.
Suitable for microfibers. Active Thread Control supports ideal seam over wide range from soft and elastic seams for microfibers to tight seams for outer wears Epoch-making soft and elastic seams suitable for microfibers If you are looking at further flexibility for the recent frequent and big change in sewing condition, Yamato's signature "Active Thread Control" is the right technology. Active Thread Control performs epoch-making soft and elastic seams suitable for garments with lightweight, soft and stretchable microfibers, such as athletic wears or ladies' intimates. Unlike the conventional way of thread control, which mainly use tension (resistance) on each thread, Yamato "Active Thread Control" takes in and draws back thread when it is required, and well-balanced seams with minimum necessary tension(resistance) for thread regulation. The soft and elastic seams made with Active Thread Control offer the tunnel free finish preventing seam breakage.


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Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller


UT-A34F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer


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