AZ8020SD-8/ABT202-Needle - 4 Thread Speed Dry Overlock Machine with NEW! ABT20 Back tacker. Straight Chain Casting. This point is major difference (advantage): Thread chain from K2 device comes between needles and fabric trimmer to be caught by back-tacking device – Shorter cycle time and more accuracy will be expected.ABT20 has been developed for stress-free operation and better quality finish in making lingerie, babywear etc.“Bottom-tack” style for better view for operators.“Straight Chain Casting” system for faster cycle time and more accuracy in chain catching.Besides, upgraded “Non-stain” technology introduced on machine head (AZ8000SD) to minimize risk for oil stain while ensuring smooth run and long life under high-speed use.Unlike our current auto back-tacker, ABT20 holds thread chain at bottom side.Thanks to movable stitch plate stitch tongue (similar to BT43) thread chain becomes softer and narrower.

  • suitable for medium to heavy weight fabrics such as knitwear, sweaters and similar garments
  • for medium to heavy weight fabrics such as knitwear, sweaters and similar garment
  • comes with memory function and waste collection function
  • Prevents seams from unraveling – reduces one bartacking operation and dramatically increase productivity
  • Backlatching and plain seaming operations can be performed alternately on this machine
  • no disturbance to operator’s sight for stress-free loading and handling of work
  • Less risk of failure, as thread chain is wrapped by the seam without interfering needle threads
ABT20 is packaged with “self-cleaning system” to minimize downtime in cleaning and prevents staining. Compact servo motor included.Prevents oil stain while maintaining super high speed and high durability, thanks to Yamato’s SD (Speed & Dry) technology
 ABT20 ABT20


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