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AZF8120SD-82 Needle 4 Thread Overlock Machine, with Top Feeder, Model with more tightened needle threads than existing models. “The model is made for further enhancement of stitch performance”. AZF8120G-8:The model is applicable for wide overlock width up to 8mm. 3 different overlock widths (Y5, Y6, Y8) are convertible by exchanging stitch plate and presser foot stitch tongue.The model needs adjustment in position of upper looper bar guide when changing overlock width, and looper timing adjustment is required accordingly. On the other hand, Yamato AZF8120G does not require any adjustment when changing overlock width, but only change of gauge parts required.Variable top feeder ensures quality finish without ply shift, distortion, and pattern gap regardless the weight of fabric, from single jersey to fleece. Also, overlock width can be converted from 8 mm to 5 mm easily by replacing several sewing parts only, without mechanical adjustment.In addition to such flexibility to meet various sewing conditions, several measures to prevent the garments from stain, one of the most frequent causes of defects.



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