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VG2740 VG2740

VG2740(P)-8 class High Speed 2/3 Needle Cylinderbed Interlockstitch Machine with air-operated automatic underbed- and top thread trimmer. Active Thread Control System. For general operations or hemming operation at the sleeve or bottom on T-shirts, polo-shirts and other similar garments. This model is subclass of VG2700 class, for top stitching as second operation on the elastic pre-attached by overlock machine. Short cylinder ensures smooth material handling without obstruction of the crotch of swim pants and/or bikini-briefs. Smooth feeding can be obtained with puller.


 VG2740 VG2740


 VG2740 VG2740


Your Best Solution for Variety of Sewing Condition, from Fleece to Microfiber ! If you are looking for further flexibility for your recent and big change in sewing condition, Yamato VG2700-8 class is the right machine.
  • Active Thead Control: Help you getting yourself ready for various garment styles, including rapidly glowing demands for various garments with microfiber, with minimum downtime. "Tunnel-free" flat finish with Active thread control "
  • Non-Stain-Technology: While giving enough lubrification for the internal driving mechanism, Yamato exclusive sealing system prevents the oil from coming to the sewing area through moving parts. This feature minimizes the risk of oil stain, one of the most frequent causes of defects.



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Per ribattere, come segonda operazione, su elastici preattacati con talgliacuce.Il cilindro corto assicura la scorrevolezza del materiale ed un facile maneggiamento, senza ostruzioni durante cuciture sul cavallo di costumi e/o slip di bikini. Tramite il puller è possibile offenere un'alimentazione fluida.


Para la segunda operación de goma previamente colocada en la prenda con overlock. El brazo corto nos facilita la manipulación del género sin contratiempos en los cruces de prendas de baño o bikinis. Con puller podemos tener un arrastre mas regular.


Dieses Modell ist eine Unterklasse der VG-serie und ist für das Annähen von Börtchenband bestimmt. Es könenn die gleichen Faltapparate wie bei den FlachbettBörtchen Maschinen verwendet werden. Spezielle Nähteile sichern ein sauberes Nähergebnis. Weiterhin kann diese Maschine leicht in andere Unterklassen für Säumen oder Überdecken usw. umgerüstet werden.

  Pour la piqûre point de recouvrement en deuxième opération sur une bande élastique poséeau préalable par uns surjeteuse. Un bras cylindrique court assure une manipulation souple de la matière dans obstruction de la fourche de maillots de bain et/ou de bas de maillots de bain.Entraînement souple grâce au puller.


Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller


UT-A34F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer


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