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MG2004PYamato MG2004P high speed 4/2 needle cylinderbed , needle feed double chain stitch machine for waistband manufacturing on jeans and work wear. The machine has optimum balance and high rigidity for heavy materials, with high speed performance. Feeding mechanism guarantees consistent stitches when sewing multi layer sections. Machine provides automatic lubrication and double roller puller system. Standard needle gauge available: 2-needle 31,8 mm, 2-needle 34,9 mm or 38,2 mm as 4-needle application.

 MG2004P MG2004P

MG series, new needle feeding double chain stitch machines for good quality finish in waist band attaching operation of jeans! Lower feed and needle are linked and feeding amount can be changed synchronously by Pushbutton System. Needle feed amount can be micro-adjusted regarding with lower feeding amount from 95% to 120% independently.
  • Sure feeding performance of lower feed and needle feed prevents twist of waistband and ensures good quality finish.
  • Lower feed and needle feed are linked and changeable synchronously by pushbutton. Besides, micro-adjustment of needle feeding amount is available for further fine adjustment according to kinds of fabric.
  • Fitted with compensation type puller enables to correspond different thickness of material.
  • Retractable looper mechanism .Loopers come down toward operator for easy threading.
  • Full automatic lubrication system contributes to save lubricating time.
  • Circumference of cylinder: 470 mm (without puller: 395 mm)
Sewing Speed: from 2.1 mm to 4.5 mm stitch length up to 5,000 spm. From 4.5 mm to 6.4 mm stitch length up to 4,000 spm. With Puller up to 4,000 spm. Stitchlength: 2.1 mm to 6.4 mm 4 to 12 stitches per inch, 5 to14 stitches per 3 cm

1    Symbol of Series
2    Class No.
3    Number of Needle
4    Rear Puller
     No Indication = without puller
     P = with puller upper tooth plastic rollers (Standard)
     PS = with puller upper tooth steel rollers (Option)

     Note: Lower roller is flat rubber rollers on both P & PS
5   Total Needle Distance  349 = 34.9 mm 381 = 38.1 mm 318 = 31.8 mm
6    Stitch TypeX = Double Chain Stitch
7    Step on Needle Distance (Only Reference No.)
8    Devices

     Note: Folder & swing-out folder bracket are not included in machine head !

Foot Lift: 9 mm . Needle Stroke: 32 mm. No. of Needle & Thread: 2 Needle 4 Thread . 4 Needle 8 Thread . Looper Mechanism: Loopers Motion in Line of Feed. Retractable Looper Mechanism. Loopers come down for easy threading


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