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VT2502 VT2502


VT25022 Needle 4 Thread Feed-Up-the-Arm Double Chain Stitch Machine for Attaching Tape. This model is for attaching “shoulder to shoulder tape” on T-shirt. Unique bed shape provide you free handling space around needle drop area so that operator can easily handle the work when turning sharp curb at the joint of shoulder and neck. Yamato “Non-Stain” technology takes your worries about oil stain away. Besides, the versatile machine can be converted into 3 needle interlock stitch machine by simply changing sewing parts, without changing any internal mechanism and you can use the machine for hemming or covering when you do not have order for the garments with “shoulder to shoulder tape.”


Economy Type VT1502

For all features of VT2500 class see VT2513 Model description


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