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VG2790 VG2790

VG2790-8New subclass of VG-series focusing on further easy handling of material in covering operation. Streamline cylinderbed shape ensures smooth flow of fabric and easy handling. Various sewing parts and guides are available according to seam style.. Also, applicable for top stitching of pre-attached elastic tape on leg opening of swim wear etc. by changing sewing parts and guides. Machine is excellent for covering operation on small circular portion such as neckline of sweat shirt etc. Technicians will enjoy easier access to internal mechanism than conventional model for easier maintenance. SC25 Blow-in and Suction Type Self Cleaning System This device blows lint inside sewing cylinder and collects(sucks) it and decreases downtime for cleaning. Besides, no need to worry about stain on fabric caused by oil-stained lint. Applicable for VG2790 class only. This device should be specified when ordering machine. This device requires compressed air or vacuum dust collecter For suction of blown lint.

VG2790 VG2790 VG2790


VG2792P-82 Needle 4 Thread Unique Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine for Top Stitching on Pre-attached elastic tape, with Active Thread Control, can be equipped with Upgraded Thread Trimmer with Anti-unravelling Function. This model is applicable for top stitching on pre-attached elastic tape on underwear and swimwear. Its unique cylinder shape allows operator’s easy handling and combination of exclusive sewing parts and rear puller ensures uniform and efficient feeding performance. Also, “Active Thread Control” is introduced to achieve neatly tightened but well-relaxed seam, suitable for the portions in garments, which require elasticity and durability. Besides, the model can be equippped with upgraded thread trimmer with “anti-unravelling” function, which gives further additional value on your garments.

VG2790 VG2790


Nuevo sub-modelo de la serie VG anfocado a facilitar el manejo del material en operaciones de recubrir. La forma única del brazo assegura un manejo mas suave y fácil del género. Están disponibles distintas "áreas de costura" yguías de acuerdo con la costura a realizar. Aplicable para operaciones de recubrir, segunda operaciònm de gomas en perneras de prendas de baño etc.

Nouvelle sous-classe des séries VG, spécialement conçue pour une manipulation plus aisée de la matière lors des opérations de recouvrement. Un bras cylindrique de conception unique assure un flux régulier de la matièer et une manipulation aisée. Diffèrentes pièces détachées et différents guides sont disponibles selon le style de couture. S'applique également à la couturede recouvrement supérieur de bande élastique posée au préabable sur les ouvertures de jambe sur maillots de bain etc. en changeant simplement des pièces détachées et des guides


Nuova sottoclasse della serie VG che assicura una facile manipolazione del materiale durante operazioni di copertura.La forma unica del cilindro assicura un corretto scorrimento ed una semplice manipolazione del materiale. Secondo il tipo di cucitura da effettuare sono disponibili vari organi di cucitura e guide.Cambiando alcinu pezzi e guide questo modello può essere utilzzato anche per operazioni di ribattura su nastri pre-attacati su sgammbature di costumi ecc.


Neue Unterklasse der VG-Serie für noch leichtere Handhabung des Materials als bei konventionellen Überdeck-Operationen. Die einzigartige Ausgestaltung des Zylinderarms ermöglicht weichen Durchgang des Stoffes und leichte Handhabung. Je nach Nähart gibt es verschiedene Nähteile und Stoffführungen. Die Maschine ist ferner einsetzbar für Übernähvorgänge von Elastikband, das in einem vorausgehenden Arbeitsgang an Beinöffnungen von Badebekleidung angenäht wurde. Dafür müssen Nähteile und Führungen gewechselt werden.


Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller


SC25 Self Cleaning Device



UT-A34F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer


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