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LG-series"Soft Stitch" ZigZag machines for enhanced finish in both appereance and function is your best partner in manufacturing good quality intimate garments. With its high basic machine performance and practical components, Yamato LG strongly helps you make a difference in your production.User-friendly Machine Designin "Japan Made" Quality

Model LG2105-LE LG2125-LE LG2135-LE
Stitch Type Plain Zig-zag Stitch Plain Zig-zag Stitch 3-step Zig-zag Stitch
(wide stitch bite) (narrow stitch bite)
Machine Speed 5000 spm 5000 spm 5000 spm
Max. Stitch length 1.3 mm (2105LE) 2.0 mm (2125LE) 1.3 mm (2135LE)
5.0 mm (2105ME) 4.2 mm (2125ME) 2.5 mm (2135ME)
Max. Stitch Bite 8.0 mm 5.0 mm 8.0 mm
Foot Lift 6.2 mm 6.2 mm 6.2 mm
Needle Bar Stroke 33.4 mm 33.4 mm 33.4 mm
Application For zigzag seaming Attaching lace, making Elastic seaming on ladies
in general shoulder straps, etc. foundation etc.
Stitch Pattern      


  • Ensures both high durability of mechanism "machine quality" and good finish of garment "sewing quality"
  • Off-center Axis Hook for Quality Finish
  • Uniform stitch formation ideal for sewing delicate material
  • TIN Coated Unique Bobbin Case
  • Stable and neat stitch formation is obtained
  • Soft-touch Presser Foot for Neat Finish
  • o stain on the "second skin", while maintaining enough lubrication for high performance



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