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Z7120SD-82 needle 4 thread Speed Dry Overlock machine with pneumatic thread chain trimmer and self cleaning system as options. High Speed for better productivity + Dry Finish for less downtime ! Max 7000 rpm + Stain-Free Finish ! Unique "Minimal Circulated Non-solid" Lubrification System, which gives optimized lubrification for each moving part for smooth run and long machine life. Overlock width is convertible from 5-8 mm, only by changing stitch plate and presser foot stitch tongue. No re-adjustment required! (Z7120SD and Z7125SD)


AZ7120SD AZ7120SD

Z7120 Z7120 Z7120SD


  • “Speed + Dry finish” achieved by…
  • High-tech Parts for Minimized Friction
  • Minimal Lubrication
  • Special Sealing Technology
  • Forced Circulation System
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SC18 Self Cleaning Device



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