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SD-FeatureSD means Speed + Dry Finish. High Speed for higher productivity. Dry – Upgraded “Non stain” technology for stain free finish. Higher Durability for lowering your investment cost for equipments in a long run. User friendly features: Less downtime on upper looper adjustment. Equipped with lower looper bracket micro adjuster.

Prevent Stains by the Circulated Minimal Liquid Lubrication and the Special Sealing Technology! Needle bar: Not only minimal lubrication but also the special sealing technology is introduced on the needle bar and the upper looper mechanism. While feed a steady small amount, oil is wiped away with the oil seal before the moving parts are exposed. The wiped oil is circulated and doesn't leak outside.
High-Speed and Durability are Guaranteed by the High-tech Processing and the Controlled Circulation.High-tech processing parts which greatly reduce frictions as same as so-called "dry head" machines are introduced on the needle bar and the upper looper mechanism. A smooth driving is achieved by minimal liquid lubrication compared with the conventional models. Moreover, high durability and high-speed of 8,000 sti/min are guaranteed because of an efficient lubrication made by the unique circulation system.



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