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AZ84001 Needle 3 Thread Cylinder Bed Overlock Machine for Blind Hemming & General Seaming, Fitted with Hemming Guide Small Cylinder to Perform Smoothly Sewing. This unique and complete cylinder bed allows smoothly and easier sewing even for tubular operation of small diameter such as attaching sleeves and hemming cults of the garments. And also it allows smoothly running of the material after sewing.

AZ8403 1 3 - 2.5-4.5 1.0 - 3.0 1:0.8 - 2:3 6 24.5 8000

Read More Complete Small Cylinder Bed Overlock Machines AZ8400 class for easy sewing of tubular operations
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Blind Hemming Guide with Sideseam Sensor with Quick Change Thread Tension Controller for Blindstitch Hemming ⇆ General seaming TC/CH20 is the Blind Hemming Guide Package which Prevents Misalignments During Blind Hemming Operations. Plyshifting on the cross seam sections is a common cause of misalignments during the blind hemming operations. This package detects the cross seam sections by its sensor and automatically slides the guide to prevent fabric misalignments. The guide slides back once reaching for the predetermined stitch count. Just turning the TC lever, you may change thread tension as appropriate according to sewing applications such as blind hemming or general seaming.