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AZF8600SD Workstation2 Needle 5 Thread Safety Stitch Machine for Heavyweight Material, with Top Feeder. Available in following applications: 2 needle 5 Thread safety stitch 10 mm seam. 2 needle double chainstitch for binding bed linen and covers. Special equipment for zipper attaching in 1 operation. The variable Top Feeder eliminates ply shift. This Busche workstation contains special features like footlifter, tension control, stitch compensation, bottom knife mechanism to stop cutting process, swing-out folder and airstop stystem. The machine can be equipped by upper and lower puller to guarantee a constant material feeding on heavy fabrics. All gauge parts and tractor type presser foot are especially made for demand of customer.

Application: Sewing of bed linen, bed wear , matresses, quilts, pillows with binding and zipper or both in 1 operation or similar products of middle-heavy weight materials

1With Zipper / 2 needle 2 lines with binding equipment.

2Sewing Corners while binding / Sewing corners 10 mm safety stitch

310 mm safety stitch very heavy materials / Including piping operation

4Modification: Machine can cut wider range of fabric during sewing process

5Upper Puller 50 mm - Lower Puller 60 mm

6Application ExamplesAZF8600

AZF8600SD Piping

AZF8600SD Joining

AZF8600SD Zipper

AZF8600SD Zipper 2

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