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VG2703-8 class High Speed 2/3 Needle Cylinderbed Interlockstitch Machine with air-operated automatic underbed- and top thread trimmer. Active Thread Control System. For general operations or hemming operation at the sleeve or bottom on T-shirts, polo-shirts and other similar garments. This model is subclass of VG2700 class, for attaching binding tape. Standard binders (which are used on flat bed interlock machines) can be used.Exclusive sewing parts ensure good finish. Besides, the model can be easily converted into standard cylinder interlock machine for hemming, covering etc., by changing some covers and sewing parts.


 VG2703 VG2703


Your Best Solution for Variety of Sewing Condition, from Fleece to Microfiber ! If you are looking for further flexibility for your recent and big change in sewing condition, Yamato VG2700-8 class is the right machine.
  • Active Thead Control: Help you getting yourself ready for various garment styles, including rapidly glowing demands for various garments with microfiber, with minimum downtime. "Tunnel-free" flat finish with Active thread control "
  • Non-Stain-Technology: While giving enough lubrification for the internal driving mechanism, Yamato exclusive sealing system prevents the oil from coming to the sewing area through moving parts. This feature minimizes the risk of oil stain, one of the most frequent causes of defects.
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Une sous-classe des séries VG pour la posede bande d'assemblage. Des guides assembleurs standards (qui sont utilisés sur les machines interlock à plateau), peuvent être utilisés. Des pièces d'origine garantissent une bonne finition. De plus, le modèle peut être transformé en une machine interlock standard à bras cylindtrique pour l'ourlage, le recouvrement , etc. en changeant certaines pièces détachées.


Sub-modelo de la serie VG para colocar collarines.Se pueden usar los embudos estándar que se usan en las máquinas planas. Un "área de costura especial" nos permite un acabado perfecto. Facilmente podemos transformar la máquina en un modelo estándar de brazo para dobladillar, recubrir etc. solo cambiando algunas tapas y piezas del " àrea de costura"


Submodelo della serie VG per attacare nastri rinforzanti. Possono essere utilizzati bordatori standard (bordatori che vogono usati con macchine piani). Gli esclusivi organi di cucitura assicurano un'ottima finitura. Inoltre, cambiando alcuni pezzi , questo modelo può essere facilmente transformato nel modello cilindrico standard per orlare , effetuare cuciture di copertura, etc.


UT-A34F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer


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