LG22351 Needle 2 Thread Lock Stitch 3-step Zigzag Sewing Machine High quality intimate wear requires accuracy in finishing size and good appearance. Besides, recent trend in fabric usage for such garments require higher seam elasticity.Yamato LG with “ACCU-10” device is your right choice of machine for lace attaching operation to bring quality level of your garments to higher stage. Thanks to its “Soft Stitch”, you can eliminate tunnel seam or stitch malformation, which may destroy appearance and function of the garments, and obtain well-balanced soft seam, even at very low tension instead. Furthermore, “ACCU-10”, Yamato’s new tape feeder always gives your desired tension on elastic lace for accurate finishing size. Usually, lifetime of sewing machine is more than 5-10 years. If you look at your continuous success within such period of time, Yamato LG’s soft stitch and ACCU-10’s accurate finishing size will surely help you stepping up to the higher quality level.



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