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VG2735(PR) A submodel of VG-class for attaching pre-closed woven elastic band on waist of men's brief etc. Equipped with right hand fabric trimmer to trim the edge of body fabric for neat finish. Exclusive sewing parts and guides are introduced for smooth insertion and sure overlapping of elastic band and body fabric. Fabric trimmer can be dropped for no trimming even during sewing.This model has an unique shape cylinder bed to ensure smooth feeding without obstruction for the crotch portion of briefs. Both front and rear rollers are fitted on sewing head to make easy installation.The machine is also fitted with dis-engageable right hand trimming knife mechanism, which cuts the edge of body material during the sewing to ensure uniform finishing,can be lowered under the stitch plate as desired by operating lever. PR: Rubber puller UT-A34: Air-operated automatic under thread trimmer. ST2-A: Air operated top thread trimmer


Right Trimming knife is disengable! You can run the machine without Right Knife. Pls login to see details !
Following submodels are also available: VG2735P: with tooth Puller Rollers. VG2735: without Puller VG2735E: without Puller and tension rollers




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Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller


UT-A44F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer



UT-A34F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer


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