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VG2700-8 class High Speed 2/3 Needle Cylinderbed Interlockstitch Machine with air-operated automatic underbed- and top thread trimmer. Active Thread Control System. For general operations or hemming operation at the sleeve or bottom on T-shirts, polo-shirts and other similar garments. The machine ensures smoother operation with high speed sewing, the differential ratio of lower feed can be easily adjusted.This machine is fitted with"Walking Foot (WF1)"designed to slide back and forth in co-operation with lower feed dogs movement. And the pressure of presser foot can be set as lower as possible. Therefore, it makes smooth feeding and the effect to prevent twisting during the long seaming operation.


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Your Best Solution for Variety of Sewing Condition, from Fleece to Microfiber ! If you are looking for further flexibilityfor your recent and big change in sewing condition, Yamato VG2700-8 class is the right machine.
  • Active Thead Control: Help you getting yourself ready for various garment styles, including rapidly glowing demands for various garments with microfiber, with minimum downtime. "Tunnel-free" flat finish with Active thread control "
  • Non-Stain-Technology: While giving enough lubrification for the internal driving mechanism, Yamato exclusive sealing system prevents the oil from coming to the sewing area through moving parts. This feature minimizes the risk of oil stain, one of the most frequent causes of defects.

New needle thread take-up cam system. Sealed upper needle bar. No moving parts on top of sewing machine head. The new needle thread take-up cam system eliminated needle bar thread take-up while improving its performance to obtain neat stitch formation. This feature satisfies various safety standards. Also, there is no need to worry about oil leakage from the upper needle bar as it is securly sealed.

Easily switchable needle bar stroke. Needle bar stroke can be switched from 31 mm (standard) to by simply turning an eccentric pin on the needle bar. This epoch-making system shortens the downtime for conversion to meet extreme change of fabric weight.

Short Cylinder Bed - Easy Material handling! From the needle drop point to the left end of cylinder bed is only 45 mm, 30 mm shorter than conventional machine.Operators can handle the fabric easily without obstruction especially when the machine is used for covering and top stitching and other similar operations. Extension cover is available when sewing small parts such as sleeves of T-Shirts, etc.

New Feeding system! High Durability and easy adjustment. Micro Adjuster is introduced for easy and precise controlof stitch length and differential ration, the ration stays the same even if you change the stitch lenght as main and differential feed are linked. Also, durability of feed mechanismis improved as "Linear Differential Feeding System" is introduced.

New looper thread take-up cam system. The cam is located outside the machine fram for easy adjustment and removal. Downtime to unwind looper thread in case it unwinds itself around the cam is dramatically shortened. Also, the cam can be exchanged easily according to different sewing conditions.


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Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller

WF1 - WF4

Walking foot WF1 / WF 4

For better and smooth feeding performance



UT-A34F  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer



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