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VFK2560Flatbed Flatseamer for variuos joining operation using flatseam.Your practical solution for increased demands for Flatseam. Assembly of recent athletic wear, designed to be made with a lot of small parts, using feed-off-the –air flatseamer, sometimes take huge downtime, as operators have to stop the machine frequently to pick up the work, which have been fallen from the cylinder. Yamato VFK brings you the solution! Its flatbed improves productivity of such operations a lot, as the fabric is much more stable and easier to handle. Pucker Free! More reverse differential ratio than usual feed-off-the-arm flatseamer helps neat finish, especially in case of sewing along lengthwise grain of stretchable synthetic fabrics.

High Stretch! "Active Thread Control" enables soft & stretchable seam (up to 200%) . Suitable for performance athletic garments, without complicated adjustments, required for current machines !
By making the best use of Yamato VFK and Yamato FD-62 in combination you can add more value on your works. This is solution for your increasing demand for garments with flatseam operation using stretchable fabrics!
  • Easier to be Professional thanks stress-free operation:
  • Rather familiar machine shape
  • Natural Posture of operation
  • Better Sight at sewing area and the work
VFK2560 VFK2560
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