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Yamato JiamPlease Experience the True “Automation” at YAMATO Booth 4-201 (Hall 4) !!! JIAM 2016 OSAKA Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show.  April 6 – 9, 2016 . At JIAM 2016 Osaka, we, Yamato will propose various solutions for the recent increasing demands for “Automation” in knitwear (Athletic Wear, Intimate Wear, T/Polo etc.) production, to secure your productivity and to standardize good quality, without relying so much on skillful hands, such as…

  • Semi-automated workstations, designed to deskillize critical sewing operations and to improve finishing quality dramatically, without sacrificing productivity.
  • Value-adding workstations for standardized finishing sizes, while saving material waste.
  • Stress-free workstations to minimize downtime without requiring operators to pay so much attention.
  • Superior fundamental function of machines to meet various sewing conditions.
  • … and many more.

 Also, Yamato will to show the high performance machines and saving packages for Tailored garments as well as jeans.

Examples of Solutions Yamato proposes: 

Twist-free flat hem, without skilled hands ?

Neat neckline, free from shape-off and puckering ?

Tacking can be eliminated, without risk for seam unravelling ?

200%+ seam elasticity to save you from consumer claims ?

Minimized risk for oil spots, as well as downtime and environmental impact???

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