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WF1/WF2 and WF4 (wide foot) are suitable for  Interlock Stitch Machine, Hemming, Covering and General use !


For Hemming Machine


For Covering Machine and General Use



With standard Presser foot Presure should be given for upper fabric ply to follow. With Walking Presser foot, you can decrease this pressure by 60-70%

"8" Active Thread Control


UT-Q Advanced  Stitchlock System


UTL device. Automatic Under Thread Trimmer with Anti-Ravelling Function


Puller available

teeth or rubber plain Puller

WF1 - WF4

Walking foot WF1 / WF 4

For better and smooth feeding performance



UT-A34  Air-operated Thread Undertrimmer

ST2-A  Air-operated Top Thread trimmer


VG2702 workstation

VG2702 YAMATO | VG 2702-111 | TO ATTACH TROUSER BOTTOM TAPE Busche sewing station to attach trouser bottom tape, equipped with Yamato VG2702-111 as 2-needle 2-line double chain stitch with needle distance 11mm,differential feed, thread trimmer and presser foot lifter, MCA-18 meteringdevice to feed the tape by stepping motor control, to cut the tape for overlapping the seam and to re-insert the tape for the next operation, a special cross cutter for bottom tape with pinking shear is including the application. The machine is equipped with newest Efka servo motor AB-425 with integratedstep motor controlling. To complete the work station company Busche deliver aWeda pinking shear for cutting the trouser leg.As option a smaller cylinder arm with 280 mm circumference is available.

VG2700 - workstation

VG2700 YAMATO | VG 2700 | FOR ATTACHING RINGS ON KNITTED ELASTIC TAPE Busche working station 2-needle or 3-needle cylinderbed interlock stitch machine with pneumatic tension roller for attaching rings of knitted elastic tape. The machine is especially designed for attaching knitted elastic rings to waist of light/medium weight tubular articles like mens brief, etc. The pneumatic openingfolder slider makes it easy to insert the tape ring into the folder, single or double folded. As option with UTL anti unreveling function.

VG2700-ILD - workstation

VG2700 YAMATO | VG 2700 UTA 34/ILD | HEM MACHINE Yamato VG 2700 with left side knife, for hemming operation. With newest ILD-intermittent looper drive- technology for highest sewing quality includingmaximum stretch performance. The advantage of this new technology ismost important for micro fiber materials; the machine is equipped with a belttransport to grantee high speed and best sewing quality on thin materials.

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